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For more than 130 years, the Victorinox name has stood for highly valued products with unmistakable
design and uncompromising quality. We have manufactured promotional products for just as long and
we now know: Whether you are presenting a Victorinox pocket knife, a tool, or a kitchen knife – you
will always receive a look of true joy in return.
High-quality and stylish
The basic
principle for all corporate gifts: They
should express an appropriately high value.
Victorinox products are manufactured with
the highest levels of precision, using high-
quality materials such as steel, aluminum
and wood. When you hold a Victorinox
product in your hand, you immediately feel
its quality and intrinsic value.
Whether your customers
appreciate the practical side of things or
cherish design and elegance above all else,
our products always exude a “must-have”
feeling. Victorinox products are loved by
people all over the world, irrespective of
their age, gender or cultural background.
We proudly look back on more
than one hundred and thirty years of Swiss
tradition. Victorinox is a highly reputable
brand. “Trustworthy” is an attribute where
we score very well in market studies. Here
is one of the reasons: Today, we still
manufacture all of our knives in
From a simple promotional
item to an exclusive brand ambassador:
With the unsurpassed depth of our product
range, Victorinox truly offers a corporate gift
solution for every need.
The wide selection of tools and scale
variants, as well as the many available
inscription options, give both you and us
many choices for creating a special product,
customized to reƃect your corporate image
as well as your budget requirements,
while the iconic design also retains its
timeless appeal.
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